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Global Environmental Resources Inc. (GERI) is an interdisciplinary firm that provides consulting services and technical support to clients focused on strategic environmental management, sustainable development and smart growth.

Our experience and capacity to work with multi-stakeholder groups, communities and grassroots organizations, link critical services, coordinate interagency projects, organize coalitions and develop public/private partnerships are primary to GERI’s success.

Our goal is to provide professional services that assist government, business, industry, communities and nonprofit organizations in assessing their projects, programs and policies, developing success strategies, establishing goals and objectives, and managing projects to enhance program implementation.

“One of our core capabilities, which informs all of our projects, is working with diverse constituencies.”

GERI’s staff and associates are experienced in law, planning, public policy, economics, sociology, science and community involvement.  We are sensitive to political and cultural differences in a variety of settings and familiar with complex legal, scientific and technical issues.

"We are familiar with the nuances of coalition building in a complex environment".

GERI’s services and team specialties include:


  • Constructive relationship building and dialogue to improve stakeholder collaboration
  • Legal analysis of environmental justice, social and equity issues
  • Technical and legal support on planning and permitting
  • Environmental compliance and enforcement
  • Research and impacts analysis, GIS and spatial mapping
  • Public policy advocacy, governmental relations and legislation
  • Problem solving and facilitation to consensus building
  • Environmental justice training and diversity initiatives
  • Community involvement, outreach and education
  • Green meetings, conferences and events
  • Technical and legal support on community development initiatives



Public awareness of environmental and energy issues is far greater today than ever before.  Nearly everything we do affects the quality of life of present and future generations around the globe.  If you’re looking for problem solving expertise involving community development, environment, public health, natural resources, transportation, brownfields or smart growth, GERI can help you.



“Our commitment is to a sustainable communities approach that reflects the intersection of the Three E’s:   Environment, Economics and Equity.”

We offer clients expertise to assist them in protecting health and the environment:

  • Development of internal and public policy, international standards, legislation and regulations;
  • Program design and management support;
  • Community involvement and public participation strategies;
  • Techniques for advocacy, consensus and coalition-building;
  • Liaison with lawmakers, agencies, panels and advisory boards, communities, business and industry;
  • Facilitation, strategic planning, and integration of diverse groups;
  • Impact assessment, feasibility studies and GIS;
  • Research, surveys and statistical analysis;
  • Education, technical assistance and training in environmental justice, environmental theory and practice;
  • Organizational development and program evaluation;
  • Meetings, conferences and events;
  • Focus groups and opinion surveys; and
  • Media and public awareness campaigns.



GERI is a woman-owned minority business enterprise

"Making the Most of Our World"


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